Yoga for Birth – Nonfiction, Paperback

In the works for over two years, Yoga for Birth is first book published through Circle Heart Books. It began as a project presentation for yoga teacher training, evolved into a prenatal partner workshop, and was then expanded into a full-length book. Hundreds of pages of writing, two photography shoots, a steep learning curve about book design and editing, and the creation of an original cover didn’t stop this momma from making her first independent book come to life. My wish for this book is that it acts as a gift to mothers who want to use the philosophy and postures of yoga to help them during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Yoga for Birth

Book Cover

Yoga for Birth by Tess Jones

Book Description
Ease your way into birth using yoga. Whether you plan to labor alone or with a birth partner, this book offers practical yoga and philosophy for pregnancy, labor, and beyond. Yoga for Birth contains fully-photographed yoga poses with step-by-step instructions, journal exercises for self-discovery, meditation and breathing techniques, affirmations, true birth stories, yoga practice routines, and more.

  • Learn yoga positions (with or without a birth partner)
  • Unlock the power of meditation and breathing techniques
  • Create your own custom affirmations
  • Improve your self-knowledge with journal exercises
  • Read inspiring birth stories from other mothers
  • Make life easier with tear-out birth planners
  • Prepare for labor with thirty- and sixty-five minute practice routines

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What Makes This Book Unique?                

Where most prenatal yoga books focus on pregnancy, Yoga for Birth is uniquely focused on birth itself. The book begins with an overview of the three stages of labor. It then moves into what makes up the majority of the book: yoga poses and other techniques to practice before birth. Each yoga pose is featured with photographs depicting the pose as well as step by step instructions. The poses are broken into four sections: hands and knees, seated, standing, and restorative poses. Birth partners are also shown in many poses.

Book Excerpt One

After the yoga poses, the following chapters give detailed explanations of: birth meditations mothers can use, affirmations (short written sayings to use for labor), verbalizations, and breath work. These chapters offer ways of using mind and breath before, during, and after labor. All techniques are easy enough for beginners, while offering reminders and inspiration for even the most experienced yogini.

Throughout the book, the inclusion of journaling topics with blank space for writing elevates the book from reading material into a personal journey. Journal pages give mothers a chance to reflect on what they are learning, find things already present in their life, and set goals for success.

Book Excerpt Two

All of these “yoga for birth” practices make up the first 100 pages of the book. The second half of the book is dedicated to other topics. Those interested deeply in yoga will appreciate the section on yoga philosophy for birth and parenting. And all expectant mothers will benefit from the chapter of real, inspiring stories from women who have given birth. Inclusion of actual birth stories provides a deep and personal window into the birth experience, giving pregnant mothers confidence by reading stories of women that have been through it. Following the birth stories, a short section on post-baby life gives some tips for what to do after baby is born.

The end of the book offers practical resources for planning and putting the things in the book into action.  Four practice routines are offered that include yoga poses and other techniques featured in the book. The practice routines are offered in varying lengths (thirty, thirty-five, forty-five, and sixty-five minutes). Also offered are useful tear-out planners.

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