My Life: Under Construction

This Friday I will be speaking at a panel titled “Escaping the Golden Handcuffs” for the PNWA Conference for writers here in Washington state. The panel topic is all about leaving the corporate world for creative pursuits, and the transitions that go with that. It was organized by a friend of mine, Chenelle Bremont, who left Microsoft to work on her fiction novel (check her out at She made a conscious decision to focus on her writing, and wanted to speak out to others who may be considering the leap.

In preparation for speaking on the panel, I’ve spent the week considering my own life transition over the past three years. The transition wasn’t a conscious one for me, but nonetheless I look back and now see that I’ve slowly been building a new life for myself. I no longer work in a nine-to-five corporate job. I am home with my child and freelancing on the side. I recently completed writing, editing, and producing my first book. I teach yoga occasionally to feed my soul and give back to the community. And I have a vision for a bigger suite of books that will fit with my goal of living life in a conscious and holistic way.

I woke this morning to the sound of hammers and drills as a team of contractors began replacing the outdoor decks on our building. It felt a fitting start to my day, as I’m realizing this week that my own life the past few years has been much like a big construction project. And although my motions weren’t conscious at the start, they are now becoming that way. It is clear that I am in the process of deconstructing and reconstructing. Sometimes I feel like my life is a giant mess, but I know see that in fact there is order emerging from the chaos. Slowly but surely, things will build to become the life that best fits me and what I have to offer.

The PNWA “Escaping the Golden Handcuffs” Panel will be held at the Hilton Airport, from 4-5:30PM, Friday 7/18/14. There is also a Book Signing Event that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and runs from 8:30-10PM. More information can be found at: