All About Our First Paperback Book

Book Cover Yoga for BirthIn the works for over two years, Yoga for Birth will be the first book published through Circle Heart Books. It began as a project presentation for my yoga teacher training, evolved into a prenatal partner workshop, and was then expanded into a full-length book.

As a full-time mom, it is a miracle that the book is finally finished. Hundreds of pages of writing, two photography shoots, a steep learning curve about book design and editing, and the creation of an original cover didn’t stop this momma from making her dream book come to life. My wish for this book is that it acts as a gift to mothers who want to use the philosophy and postures of yoga to help them during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Continue reading

Natural Sleep Remedies

LavenderHaving trouble sleeping through the night? Here are a few suggestions to get some extra zzz’s.

Essential oils like lavender are strong, so drip just a few drops onto a tissue and place near your pillow at bedtime. If the scent becomes too strong, move the tissue farther from your pillow. Lavender is not recommended for those with lavender allergies and is also marked as contraindicated for pregnant or nursing women Continue reading

Teaching to Prenatal Students: How the Pregnant Body Feels

Pregnant woman outsideAs a yoga teacher looking out at a group of prenatal students, it can be difficult to determine what your students need from you on any given day. Your students will most likely be in different trimesters. Some students may have aches and pains, while other students will be full of energy and ready to practice more vigorously. One way to help guide you is to put yourself in their shoes before you begin class, reminding yourself of what it might be like to be pregnant.

Unfortunately, placing yourself in their shoes isn’t as easy as it sounds. Ask a pregnant woman how she feels in her body and the answers will be wide and varied. Continue reading

Birth & Yoga Private Lessons

Birth & Yoga workshops are now available as private lessons in the greater Seattle area.

The two-hour lesson for you and your birth partner will walk you through all the workshop material in the privacy of your home. It will introduce you to labor positions, meditations, and affirmations to use during your birth experience. Continue reading